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Hemp Hair Products for Salon Professionals

CBD and hemp have a large list of potential benefits, and the trend of using CBD and hemp hair products is growing quickly. If you’re a salon professional hoping to use or sell these products in your own practice, you can buy our formulas direct from the manufacturer. You can also add a private label to your products to help expand your brand and be able to sell our formulations at your own prices. 

All stylists know that caring for hair effectively and safely requires the use of high quality products. Our private label CBD & hemp hair products have been tested for safety, and are used by experience salon owners. Greenway Research Labs is the only stylist-owned manufacturer of CBD hair products, so there’s no better place to find salon quality care. As successful salon owners, we only deliver products that we know are quality. 

We offer a wide range of hemp and CBD products, including CBD shampoo and conditioner, hemp gel, hemp control paste, and more. We also offer products such as CBD body oil and body cream. 

Hemp Hair Products


Add your label to our hemp hair products and grow your brand

Have questions about how to can use a private label to grow your brand? Contact us to see how our hemp hair products and custom formulations can help you succeed. 


What Does CBD Shampoo Do?

CBD Shampoo and other CBD hair products are used by many because they use a much lighter oil. Like any other shampoo, people use them with the intent of cleaning their hair and adding volume. Many people believe the omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 acids found in CBD can help strengthen scalp tissue and increase hair growth. This leads to many people trying hemp hair products or CBD shampoo for hair loss. 

Wholesale CBD Shampoo

Manufacturer-Direct Products

Buy the best in branded products direct from the manufacturer. We cut out the middle man, allowing stylists to make a profit. There are no minimums, simply order what you need when you need it. Our branded hemp hair products are salon-quality and ready to buy.

Private Label Hemp Hair Products

Private Label Hemp Hair Products

Add your own customized label to our existing formulas. Easily create your own branded products and generate a quote. We offer low minimums to make our private label an affordable option for any salons and stylists who are looking to create their own brand.

Hemp Hair Care Products

Design Your Own Line

Create your own custom formulations to make hemp hair products that are truly your own. The create-your-own experience allows you to change the packaging, design, and formula. We’ll guide you through the process of making a unique formulation.

Greenway Research Lab Inc.

Greenway Research Lab is an innovative selling, research and development center partnered with a global manufacturer.  We’re formulating high quality, technologically advanced products for our beauty and personal care market industry. We’ve brought forth a team of chemists who are nationally respected, specializing in personal care products, and contract laboratory researching for pre-clinical drug metabolism studies as well as an FDA lab.


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