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Who Is Greenway Research Lab?

Greenway Research Lab is an innovative selling, research and development center partnered with a global manufacturer.

We’re formulating high quality, technologically advanced products for our beauty and personal care market industry. We’ve brought forth a team of chemists who are nationally respected, specializing in personal care products, and contract laboratory researching for pre-clinical drug metabolism studies as well as an FDA lab. Greenway Research Lab is dedicated to maintaining excellence in product quality.

All products undergo strict quality assurance evaluations throughout the manufacturing process from formulation to shipment of finished goods and must surpass the set requirements of all involved.


4 Patents Since 1972


Batch sizes from 100-2000 kilograms

Cold, Warm, And Hot Formulations

Numerous Package and Sizing Options

Over 300 Proprietary "In Production" Formulas

65 Years of Expertise

In the health, beauty and personal care products industry.

Established in 1972

42,000 square foot facility

By Professionals, For Professionals

We want to be your highly recognized respected entrepreneur in selling research and development for full-service, and boutique manufacturing, advancing the state of our processional beauty and personal care products industry.

We’re committed to helping achieve all your business objectives. We’ve been employing permanent professional and highly trained staff to ensure exceptional quality and service. Our Customer Service Representatives are always available, diligent and responsive to your needs.

No other manufacturers are owned by hair stylists. Our products are made by salon owners, tested and proven effective by successful salon owners throughout the country, and can be used by professional stylists anywhere.

Let us assist you in developing your brand benefiting your bottom line, your continued customer loyalty and in keeping you in the forefront of current market trends.

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